Latvian „Grand Prix” FIM World Championship for sidecars and European Championship for quads.

On August 12 and 13, on one of the most beautiful racetracks, Sports and Leisure Park „Pīlādžu mototrase”, in Stelpe, Vecumnieku district, third year in a row will be held FIM Latvian Grand Prix World Championship for sidecars and, the only one in Latvia, European Championship stage for quads, which gathers the World and European most powerful and fastest sidecars crews and quads riders.

The World Championship for sidecars in Stelpe will be represented by, also one of the current world top crews, Latvian crew, Jānis Daiders/Kaspars Stupelis, as well as Elvijs Mucenieks with a pilot Valentīns Žiris, who this season are one of the most powerful in the world and, certainly, at the start during this World Championship season, in typically high places, also other Latvian fellow passengers: Lauris Daideris and Haralds Kurpnieks.


Alongside The World Championship for sidecars and European Championship for quads, will be held the international competitions - BMA Championship in other sidecars classes, including:  

sidecars Seniors, sidecars Veterans and sidecars with air cooling.  

On August, 12 in the evening after an intense qualification race day, will be held „Pīlādžu mototrases” night party.


Taking into account that August, 13 and 13 is one of the worst summer time periods, it will be the most perfect moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment of „Pīlādžu mototrasē”, as well as to support the Latvian racers on the racetrack.     

The infrastructure of „Pīlādžu mototrase” is created for both sports and leisure, therefore provides everyone with opportunities to relax.


For the fans convenience, there will be provided a camping, which will be located in the picturesque park territory and will be available for the visitors on August, 11, from 15:00.


After a long period of time, Latvia has finally obtained its own crew, who are already able to perform in the first FIM World Championship season with the world top level results - Jānis Daiders and Kaspars Stupelis! See you in Stelpe to support the sportsmen!


12./13.augusts FIM Pasaules Čempionāts motokrosā blakusvāģiem, Eiropas Čempionāts Kvadriem      

12./13.augusts Vecumnieku novada kauss








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