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Sports and leisure park “Pīlādži” Stelpes parish, Vecumnieku county, 60 km from Riga and 20 km from Lithuanian border at the highway Riga-Skaistkalne.

A perfect 25 ha area with the beautiful, clean environment and infrastructure appropriate for organising of the motocross, sports and cultural events of the World and European level and up to 25000 attendants. On the territory, there is a park, greenery, 9 ha of forest with 2.5 km walking paths, a clean pond with swimming places, parkings for 1000 cars, sports grounds (volleyball, basketball and football), motorcycle cleaning services, fixed dining and sales points for trip organising, fixed 1200 m long territory fencing, driveways, two large fixed stages – Meža and Pļavas, the whole territory is provided with drinking water hydrants, electrical connections, at night the 10 ha area is illuminated and free Wi-Fi connections are provided.

Sports and leisure park “Pīlādžu moto trese” is a fantastic place for sports games, for large, private children's events, family leisure time, as well as for organising of festivals and movie nights.

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