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Sports and leisure park “Pīlādži” Stelpes parish, Vecumnieku county, 60 km from Riga and 20 km from Lithuanian border at the highway Riga-Skaistkalne.


A perfect 25 ha area with the beautiful, clean environment and infrastructure appropriate for organising of the motocross, sports and cultural events of the World and European level and up to 25000 attendants. On the territory, there is a park, greenery, 9 ha of forest with 2.5 km walking paths, a clean pond with swimming places, parkings for 1000 cars, sports grounds (volleyball, basketball and football), motorcycle cleaning services, fixed dining and sales points for trip organising, fixed 1200 m long territory fencing, driveways, two large fixed stages – Meža and Pļavas, the whole territory is provided with drinking water hydrants, electrical connections, at night the 10 ha area is illuminated and free Wi-Fi connections are provided.

Sports and leisure park “Pīlādžu moto trese” is a fantastic place for sports games, for large, private children's events, family leisure time, as well as for organising of festivals and movie nights.


Few of the options:


  • - Sports games,

  • - Team building,

  • - Corporate events,

  • - Renting of motocross track,

  • - Conferences, banquets,

  • - Weddings,

  • - Outdoor cinema evenings on our concert size stage,

  • - Art events,

  • - School renuion,

  • - Kids parties,

  • - Private events,

  • - Active outdoors.


       Extra options: 

  • - Tent for events (31m x 11m). Tent is equiped with bar and stage as well as Cafe is next door.


Activities and relaxation in summer season (turist groups, families, friends or for adventurer on his own e.t.c).


      Camping (summer season)


  • - Trailer and camper spaces with/without electricity

  • - Tent spaces with/without electricity


      Active outdoors


  • - Motocross track (you need your own bike and safety equipment, we don't rent dirt bikes or quads)

  • - Swimming

  • - Fishing

  • - SUP rides

  • - Boats for rent

  • - Playground for kids

  • - Walking paths in forest

  • - Sports fields (volleyball, basketball, football)



For turist groups 20+ people, we can offer a meal, but you must book in advance.


        Buy on site

  • - BBQ Grill

  • - Coal for bbq

  • - BBQ liquid starter 

  • - Balls (basketball, volleyball, football)

  • - Snacks etc.



Entry to our premisse. (Included in price: swimming, volleyball, basketball, football and playground for kids, WC, walking paths in forest)

Visitors and Tourists up to 2 hours- 3.00 EUR

Visitors all day ticket, 10:00- 20:00. Adults 5,00 EUR, kids from 4-10 year old 3,00 EUR

Parking in our territory- 3.00 EUR


Dogs or cats - 3,00 EUR ( Dog or cat must be on leash and should never leave owners eyesight)


Tent space 4.00 EUR (10:00 - 12:00)


Camping for trailer or caravan:

  • without electricity 10.00 EUR (for each adult 5.00EUR, kids 4-10 years old 3.00EUR) (10:00 - 12:00)

  • with electricity 15.00 EUR (for each adult 5.00EUR, kids 4-10 years old 3.00EUR) (10:00 - 12:00)


Boat hire 1hour- 1.50 EUR

SUP hire 

30 min – 5.00 EUR
60 min – 8.00 EUR
90 min – 10.00 EUR
All day – 50.00 EUR (10:00-20:00)

Motocross track (You can train all day with your own bike and equipment) without watering- 10,00 EUR, with watering of track- 15,00 EUR. For kids with 50cc bikes, without watering- 7.00 EUR, with watering 10.00EUR


Information for collective events and/or sports games and events.

Territory: Three different size stages, pond, tent for events with built in bar and stage (31m*11m), volleyball, basketball and football fields, playground for kids, separate rooms for event organisers, cafe, motocross track,  electricity supply in all territory, Wi-Fi, lighting all around territory during dark hours if necessary, parking, WC, showers, etc.

For events or sports games we can offer our food package.




No open fire and/or bbq grill are allowed to be placed on grass, use designated areas for bbq or open fire !

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